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Oakland Schools


Choose to become a mentor at any one of our three Oakland elementary schools.

Acorn Woodland

1025 81st St, Oakland, CA 94621

(510) 639 - 3344

"Acorn Woodland is a great school located in the middle of downtown Oakland. It has been recently renovated and has some of the nicest facilities of any elementary school anywhere. We have a great relationship with the teachers and are welcomed to join in on any classroom activities or to take the mentees out for one-on-one mentoring. All the kids at the school love having mentors and you really do build a lasting rewarding friendship with your mentee!"

          - Max Mathison, Former Director

Sankofa Academy

581 61st St, Oakland, CA 94609

(510) 654 - 7787

"Sankofa Academy is currently making the transition from an elementary school to a K-8 school. Due to this change, mentors are given the opportunity to work with older, middle school students, who are energetic and enthusiastic. Working with older students is very rewarding in that mentors get to make an impact at an especially vulnerable but exciting time of these students’ lives."

          - Mindy Huang, Former Director




New Highland Academy

8521 A St, Oakland, CA 94621

(510) 729 - 7723

"New Highland Academy is open for commission 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday, allowing you the full spectrum of a typical work day to choose when you would like to mentor. Something special about New Highand is it's vast Hispanic population. Many students, especially 4th and 5th graders, need role models like you to come mentor them. We are also currently working on bringing athletic groups into New Highland as well!"

          - Rumi Dhillon, Former Director


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