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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a Sage mentor?


Attend one of our two offered information sessions at the beginning of each semester.

Attendance at one of these information session is mandatory. At that time, you will be able to sign up to officially become a Sage mentor and become enrolled in our deCal, Psychology 98/198, which will award you 1 unit for your time spent mentoring at the elementary school of your choice during your preferred schedule. If you have mentored with us in the past, you may enroll for 1 unit as a Senior mentor! If you do not wish to receive units, you can definitely still volunteer with us!


Where do I go on my first day?


There are ten different local elementary schools for you to choose from depending on the convenience of the location to your residence. Nine schools are in Berkeley, near the UC Berkeley campus, and one school is in Oakland for those of you with cars who are interested in mentoring in a different area. There are different individual directors assigned to be in charge of each school's mentors. Depending on which school you sign up for at the information session, the director will be in contact with you the entire semester to give you all of the information you need via e-mail and in-person. This includes all information regarding the first day mentoring procedures.  


Who do I contact if I can't mentor this week?


Please contact your assigned school director. For more information on who your director will be, please see the question above. You can also visit the tab labeled "Our Team" under the "About Us" section in order to see who your potential director may be. After you sign-up for your school at one of our information sessions or become officially enrolled in Psych 98/198 you will be e-mailed a syllabus that has all director and executive board member contact information, as well as your school's Sage liaison contact information. The Sage liaison is the point-person at each school who connects Sage mentors with mentees and helps with other administrative duties. This person is usually the principal, a teacher, or an after school coordinator. You need only contact your director if you cannot mentor a certain week, who will in turn inform the liaison.


How many hours do I need to pass Psych 98/198 and receive 1 unit?

·       1 unit: 1 hour of mentoring per week and 1 hours of class per week.


More detailed information on unit requirements will be given at the information sessions. Unit requirements will also be broken down in great detail on the syllabus you will be given once you have attended an information session and enrolled. 


What is the difference between Psych 98 and Psych 198?
There is no real difference, it is just a technicality for the university to distinguish lower classmen from upper classmen in the system. Lower classmen (freshman and sophomores) will enroll in Pysch 98 and upper classmen (juniors and seniors) will enroll in Psych 198.

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