Executive Board



Alysha Jamieson


Hometown: Capitola, CA

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Sage Experience: 6 semesters!

Plans After College: Attend medical school 

Favorite Sage Memory: Playing tag at John Muir with my mentee and all of her friends.

Fun Fact About You: I've spent my last three summers teaching and volunteering at an orphanage in Kenya, and my goal is to go back every year! 



Isabelle Marsh

VP Membership

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA

Major: Psychology Major, Global Poverty Minor

Sage Experience:6 semesters!

Plans After College: To become a UI / UX designer building websites and apps to optimize user experience.

Favorite Sage Memory: First time I got to Sage, these 4 girls ran up to me, grabbed my hand, and told me they were going to make me look beautiful. I sat down as they all started braiding my hair until I had a mohawk of braids going every which way. I looked ridiculous the next hour, and couldn't be happier.



Chloe Phely-Bobin

Co-VP of Alumni

Major: Political Science, Anthropology Minor

Sage Experience: 1 semester!

Plans After College: Attend law school

Favorite Sage Memory: Playing skribbl.io with my mentee!

Fun Fact About You: I love cooking and baking





Jackson Gress

Co-VP of Alumni

Major: Economics

Sage Experience: 2 semester!

Plans After College: Not sure yet

Favorite Sage Memory: When my mentee wrote me a super sweet thank you card at the end of the semester

Fun Fact About You: I love fishing


Pic of Me.jpg

Jesus Gonzalez

VP Finance

Hometown: South Gate, CA

Major: Intended Business Administration

Sage Experience: 4 semesters!

Favorite Sage Memory: A couple of months into my mentoring experience, I was forced to miss one week of mentoring due to my midterms conflicting with my schedule. Once I went back, I was surrounded by my students asking me about why I did not show up, and how excited they were that I returned. It made me happy to see how greatly I had impacted their lives in a positive way in such a short amount of time.

Fun Fact About You: I am currently learning Japanese and plan to learn another language while at Berkeley!





Ilaria Stewart

Hometown: Pacific Palisades, CA

Major: MCB: Neurobiology Minor: Political Economy 

Sage Experience: 6 semesters! 

Favorite Sage Memory: When my mentee told me she wanted to be a chemist! 

Fun Fact About You: I look at mouse brains in my free time (it's for research I promise!)



VP Outreach

Katrina Goto

Major: Political Science

Sage Experience: Fall 2021 will be my second semester! 

Plans After College: I’m taking the LSAT this summer and applying to law schools next winter, so hopefully getting my JD :)

Favorite Sage Memory: Meeting my Oxford Class for the first time 

Fun Fact About You: I can’t curl my tongue 



VP Communications

Karina Gadkari

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Major: Environmental Science, Toxicology Minor

Sage Experience: 2 semesters

Plans After College: Medical School!

Favorite Sage Memory: During my first Zoom call with my mentee, she was so excited to see me and we spent three hours talking while she gave me a tour of her entire toy room.

Fun Fact About You: I'm a twin! 




Managing Director

Anna Tsuchimoto

Major: Nutritional Sciences (Physiology and Metabolism)

Sage Experience: 4 semesters!

Plans After College: I plan to work in the medical field!

Favorite Sage Memory: On my last day of online-mentoring, the teacher I had been working with over that school year thanked me for all that the Sage mentors do for her students, and said she could see a big difference in her students' engagement and quality of work when Sage mentors were in the classroom helping! 

Fun Fact About You: When I was little, I dressed up as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch everyday for a full year (even during the winter, and I'm from Colorado)!


School Directors


Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 19.13.50.png

Bo Romans

Acorn Woodland

Major: Economics

Sage Experience: 6 semesters!

Favorite Sage Memory: I was playing a game with my class of mentees during PE when a Marshmello song came on ("Happier" I believe). As soon as the song started, everyone started singing and running around and everything erupted into a happy chaos. Ever since, I can't listen to Marshmello without thinking of them, and I started listening to more Marshmello because of it.

Fun Fact About You: I'm from Idaho, but spent a few years living in Japan and a few years living in Virginia when I was young.



Nicole Ru


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Psychology, French minor

Sage Experience: 2 semesters!

Plans After College: Attend medical school (maybe take a gap year beforehand and work with Teach for America!)

Favorite Sage Memory:Listening to my mentees talk about their story ideas for a writing assignment; I love their creativity!

Fun Fact About You: Every year, I attempt to write a 50,000 word novel during November, also known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I've done this for the past eight years, and I've been successful four times!



Jeanne Peabody


Major: Conservation and Resource Studies, Geography, 

Disability Studies

Sage Experience: 6 semesters

Plans After College: Marine biology field work, Study for LSAT

Favorite Sage Memory: Going with my mentee to the after school garden program to learn about how we can grow food in our yards to connect with each other, the land we occupy, and the nourishment we put into our bodies! 

Fun Fact About You: I speak 3 languages and looooove fishies



Rebecca Ramirez Quinonez

Fairmont Elementary

Major: Political Science and Ethnic Studies

Sage Experience: 4 semesters!

Plans After College: I would like to pursue a graduate degree! 

Favorite Sage Memory: I would say my favorite memory with Sage has been when I was making arts and crafts with my classroom and one of the students made me a little straw hat. It was so cute and thoughtful and I still have the hat! 

Fun Fact About You: I love to make beaded earrings! 



Darby Shore


Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Major: Cognitive Science

Sage Experience: Since Jan 2018

Plans After College: Work in the Bay Area for a bit and then go to grad school!

Favorite Sage Memory: For a while, my mentee was very closed-off to me and shy, but I remember the exact day when that changed. Zoe walked around that day with a huge grin telling every single one of her classmates that my name was Darby and that I was HER mentor.

Fun Fact About You: I have a desert tortoise named Bubbles who will likely outlive me!


short hair.JPG

Berkeley Arts Magnet

Melissa Gonzalez

Hometown: Calexico, CA

Major: Economics

Sage Experience: Since Fall 2019

Plans After College:  I want to work in the business sector but my dream job is to work at a nonprofit. 

Favorite Sage Memory: 

I went to BAM with my three mentees, Indigo, Sara, and Maya, and they noticed I didn't have my hair done that day. They decided it would be fun to play beauty salon and they made me a flower crown out of the school's plants and grass. They were super excited that I was letting them play with my hair and their laughs were contagious. I was expecting a whole mess in my hair but they actually did a decent job. We had so much fun that day and I left my flower crown in my hair all day. 

Fun Fact About You: I regressed to my One Direction phase during quarentine



John Muir

Henry Diamond-Pott

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology

Sage Experience:4 semesters!

Fun fact: I love visiting national parks!

Plans after college:  I hope to attend medical school.

Favorite Sage memory: During my first semester mentoring I came back to the school after spring break and my mentee was so excited to see me. Even the other kids knew my name and wanted to play!




Elysia Gao

Hometown: Eugene, OR

Major: Data Science and Applied Mathematics

Sage Experience: since Spring 2020!

Fun Fact About You: I'm allergic to mint and cinnamon, so I have to use toddlers' toothpaste (Sparkle Fun anyone?) 




Rosa Parks

Lily Bae

Major: MCB

Sage Experience: 3 semesters!

Plans After College: Medical School

Favorite Sage Memory: Feeling like a grand-mentor when my mentee showed me pictures of her little sister and how she mentors and takes care of her!

Fun Fact About You: My favorite fruits are mangoes!



Sylvia Mendez

Winnie Cheng

Hometown: Apple Valley, CA

Major: Psychology, Legal Studies

Sage Experience: 1 semester!

Plans After College: Moving back to LA and going to grad school or teaching math

Favorite Sage Memory: 

One time a girl asked me over Zoom if I wanted to see her blanket fort, and when she gave me the tour, her puppy was inside.

Fun Fact About You: I'm obsessed with bees!


Finance, Marketing, & Social Team



Jillian Hutchison

Finance Chair

Hometown: Dana Point, CA

Major: Political Economy

Sage Experience:5 semesters!

Favorite Sage Memory:  Helping my mentee learn how to multiply and seeing the sincere joy on his face when he could finally do it! 

Fun Fact About You: I am obsessed with coffee and drink it 3x day.



Diya Sinha

Social Chair

Major: MCB

Plans After College: Work for a few years and then apply to medical school!

Favorite Sage Memory: Meeting all the wondering mentees and mentors! 

Fun Fact About You: I am left handed!



Stephanie Ross

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Major: Economics 

Sage Experience: 4 semesters!

Interests: Traveling, watching food/cooking documentaries, and going to concerts

Plans After College: Travel and live abroad for a while

Favorite Sage Memory: My favorite sage memory was participating in a cooking class with my mentee at John Muir Elementary School.

Fun Fact About You: My first language was French.




Alejandro Velez

With the realization that there was a great need for a mentorship program that grounded itself in forging powerful, long-lasting relationships with the youth in the greater Berkeley and Oakland community, Alejandro founded Sage in 2008. Alejandro began Sage with a vision of creating a program in which UC Berkeley mentors could be paired up with an elementary student and serve not only as teachers but also as friends and role models. To this day Alejandro is very close to his mentee, Cleveland.

Since his graduation, he has gone on to have a very successful career driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit to find ways to better the world around him. Alejandro now serves as the co-founder of Back to the Roots, an Oakland-based business that sells mushroom kits and AquaFarm fish tanks to retailers nationwide. Since co-founding BTTR, Alejandro has even been named as one of Inc.’s 30 Under 30, Poder's 2010 Influential Hispanics Under 40, Forbes’ 30 Under 30, CNN’s 10 Next Entrepreneur’s to Watch, and been recognized by President Obama!